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Tree Pruning by Seattle City Light

June 1, 2010

The oldest tree at our house isn’t doing so well – it’s been pruned strangely, and is starting to need replacement.

I was told by neighbors that the city has been coming every 4 years or so to prune it back, since it is near a power line – which is strange, since the pruning involved topping the tree, which I know is not recommended at all. I was looking up details, and here’s the story:


Trees under powerlines

Q:Years ago someone planted 2 cedar trees on the strip between the sidewalk and curb in front of my house. These trees are huge and are under power lines. The city at some point topped the trees and continues to cut and butcher them every year. It is a shame but I think these trees are better to be cut down. Is the city able to help me take care of this?

A: Our City Light experts had this to say:

It sounds like the trees are too big for their location and have to be trimmed to maintain a safe clearance around the power lines. Seattle City Light maintains a 10 foot clearance around the high voltage electrical lines by having electrically qualified tree trimmers safely prune the trees ( ).

Long term, it makes more sense to replace trees like this with smaller trees that don’t require such extensive pruning to protect electrical safety and reliability. Seattle City Light will replace trees when we are working in a neighborhood so you may have to wait until we come back. When work is upcoming, we leave door hangars for residents whose trees are going to be pruned. Use the contact numbers on the door hangers to discuss opportunities for potential removal and replacement of your trees through the Urban Tree Replacement program ( ).

Planting the right tree in the right place is key to keeping Seattle green.

Census Comparisons

March 24, 2010

King County (Seattle’s county) is definitely lagging (hugely) behind the other counties that I have lived in – Oakland County (Oak Park/Southfield/West Bloomfield) and St. Louis County (WashU). Wonder why? Size is one issue (King County is huge), but the participation spread seems to be large enough to have another cause. Mail delivery speed is actually a likely cause as well, of course.

On a related note, Detroit proper is having major problems with the census; it’s not in any of the counties I am comparing below, but I really hope they find a way to get Detroit properly counted so it gets the federal funds it so desperately needs – for a good article, see This article got me interested in checking out the participation in general.


County Census Comparisons for King, Oakland and St. Louis

Aviva eats Indian, Take 1

February 20, 2010

We’ve been trying to get Aviva to have a variety of spices and ethnicities in her diet, as she continues to explore the world of solid foods. Last week, we took her for Ethiopian (Queen Sheba), which she really enjoyed – especially eating the spongy injera bread, but also the veggies – they are pureed similar to baby food after all, so it works well.

Looking for another good food for “eat with hands” and pureed consistency, we ventured over to Cedar’s on Brooklyn today for some Indian food. She loved this one – sharing our full meal, she went to town on the Naan, Channa Massala with Paneer (chickpea simmered in spices with paneer), and Dal Maharani (lentil in spices). Pictures, as always, tell the full story – including watching Aviva get messier and messier as she eats; not an uncommon occurrence, of course.

BTW, for a great read about feeding babys/toddlers the various culinary delights of Seattle, I highly recommend reading Hungry Monkey by Matthew Amster-Burton. Joelle and I loved this book, and it’s given me lots of great ideas.


August 2, 2009

With the growth of the Sounders FC in Seattle, it is only natural that Aviva would want to play soccer (by Aviva wanting to play soccer, we mean, I want Aviva to like soccer of course; so does her Zayde (grandpa); he refs tons of soccer games each week). So after getting a pair of soccer-ball decorated shoes, on her feet they went!

Crown of Queen Anne

July 12, 2009

This past weekend was the Crown of Queen Anne Fun Run and Walk in support of the Queen Anne Helpline, along with the Children’s Parade and Queen Anne Community Festival. We decided to get up early and walk it – which we were glad we did; the weather was perfect, and Aviva was an ideal participant (by that, I mean, she slept the entire 3.3 mile route; the stroller tends to do that to her!). Next year, she’ll possibly (likely?) be walking by this time – weird!

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Memorial Day: The Jared/Elyssa Visit

June 23, 2009

Over Memorial Day weekend, my brother and his girlfriend, Elyssa, visited Seattle. We had a fantastic time showing them around, and having them meet and spend time with Aviva. They (along with Elana) even babysat for us one night – it’s still the only time we’ve gone out without Aviva for a night since she’s been born. Aviva got quite the whirlwind tour of Seattle with them as well – hitting Discovery Park, Folklife Festival, the Kirkland Waterfront, and more. More importantly, Jared and Elyssa were amazing with Aviva; she loved spending time with them.

View all

(Might need to visit actual post if you are in an RSS reader, as usual)

Looking at these now, it is hard to believe how much Aviva has grown in the past month; she looks so little here!

Updated Family Picture, as of April 23, 2009

May 6, 2009

Updating my post from December 2008, it is time for a new family picture:

(Via Stick Figure Family)

In all seriousness, here’s a picture we took on our walk yesterday up to Kerry Park – one of the great viewpoints in Seattle; conveniently, it is only a few blocks away.

Walk at Kerry Park

Ole! Ole! Ole!

March 22, 2009

Last Thursday was the opening game of the new Major League Soccer team in Seattle – Sounders FC; they won the opening game 3-0 over the New York/New Jersey Red Bulls. While a few of my high school friends were mocking me (on Facebook) for being excited for the game (especially as the game was on the first day of March Madness), the entire team is energizing Seattle sports – they’ve sold over 22000 season tickets, and this opening game was televised live on ESPN2, with 35000 fans in the audience. Even our friend Rudy was very excited! I think a lof ot the excitement is that a new team (combined with the year the Washington Huskies basketball team had), started to turn the fate of Seattle sports back from the dismal year of 2008 – as ESPN put it, that was the worst year for a city in the history of sports.

This game surely provided that excitement for the rest of the year – we looked much better than the Red Bulls (last year’s championship runner up) across the board, dominating the offensive end, and clearly being faster and more physical. The weather was a crisp 45 degrees, and the fans were fully enjoying themselves. A great start for the franchise! Right as the game ended, I remembered I had my portable video camera on me, so here’s a sense of the ambiance.

(you’ll need to visit the actual post to see the video).

Birthday Present(s)

December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!The comparison between birthday presents is quite striking this year. One present, which a friend of mine graciously got for me, was to have the Seahawks wish me happy birthday on the big screen during the Seahawks-Jets game on December 21st, which unfortunately, as it turns out, we were not able to attend (then again, neither was he, so I don’t feel as bad!) – as with much of the city, we were snowed in, and going to see a 3-10 team (at the time) did not seem quite worth the schlep across town. If we would have known this surprise was happening, we definitely would have done everything we could to have made it.







ShovelAmazonOne present I wish I had received was a shovel; having one would have made our snow easier to deal with, especially, as I pointed out in previous blog posts, the city did nothing to deal with it. Friday of last week, I drove around to quite a few stores, looking for a snow shovel, so that I would have one for the future, if not this storm. Being unsuccessful (everyone was out, at least for a week), I decided to place an order on Amazon, especially since I have free 2-night shipping due to Amazon Prime. This way, we will have one for the next storm (3-4 more years?), and I won’t be caught shovel-less again. I figured if I waited for the stores to get stock back, I would forget about it, so ordering online it was. The box finally came today – and the FedEx guy said to me: “Wow, that’s a weird sized box – and strangely light – what is it?” Informing him that it was a shovel, he just laughed – and mentioned it was a great idea – he’s going to order one now too! He’s right – the box is strange – and very, very tall – look at how much it dwarfs Molly. At least I am prepared now for the next snowstorm!

Worst Year in History of Sports? Seattle

December 24, 2008

Seattle SportsESPN’s current homepage says it all (Sporting News also recently had a front page article on this topic as well).

Let’s count the ways:

  • Football – Seahawks (4-11, after being favored to win the division, and of course, us having season tickets), Huskies Football (0-12 – first BCS team to lose all of its games), Cougars Football (2-11)
  • Basketball – Sonics are now in Oklahama City, so no NBA team left – and even they are 2-24
  • Baseball – Mariners were a woeful 61-101, firing their general manager and coach
  • Hockey – No NHL team here, unfortunately
  • The senseless loss of Ed, the Tuba Man😦

Not a good one – on the upside, there’s a new soccer team coming to town – Sounders FC!

To add on to the pain for us, I am primarily a Detroit Lions fan, and they’ve hit 0-15, the worst record in NFL history… not a lot of good times watching football this year.

Quoting the article:

“Has any city ever endured a year in sports like the one the Emerald City is just completing? A 101-loss, last-place baseball season, despite a payroll of $117 million; a 62-loss, last-place NBA season; a 12-loss, last-place college football season (the first 0-12 season in the history of the Pac-10); an 11-loss (and counting) NFL season; four coaching/managerial changes; one general manager dismissal; and, of course, the hijacking of its basketball team to Oklahoma @$&%ing City. Sure, other cities have lost their teams or endured epic losing seasons, but for it all to happen in one calendar year? To end December without a single head coach or manager who was employed in January returning for the next year?”


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