Asher Jeremiah Averbuch

Our amazing baby boy, Asher Jeremiah (or Asher Yermiyahu in Hebrew) was born on Monday, January 17th at 9:48 pm. As with his sister, he’s pretty high-tech, so upon getting some small amount of sleep, he went online, created a gmail account, and sent an email out announcing his arrival:

“Hi everyone! I’m awake for a few, so wanted to introduce myself! I’m super-excited to meet my sister later this morning – I really hope our first meeting goes well:)

At 9:48 pm last night (Monday January 17th), I finished quite a quick trip out of mom. She was great throughout the entire thing!
At delivery, I weighed 8 lbs even, and was 19 3/4 inches long.

As far as my name goes:

Asher is Hebrew, meaning Blessed, or Happy. Asher was also one of Jacob’s sons in the Torah.
Jeremiah (Yirmeyahu in Hebrew) was one of the Hebrew prophets.

I am named after my Great-Grandmother Edith (Yiddith in Hebrew), as well as my Great-Uncle Keith Alan and Great-Uncle Jeff.


(PS Pictures coming soon; daddy brought the wrong USB cable to the hospital)”

He then followed it up with a second email, this time containing pictures:

“We got the USB cable, so we were able to get pictures up online.

They can be found at:
Note: You do not need a facebook account to view these; they are publicly available.

Since some of you can’t/won’t access Facebook, I’ve also attached three of my mom’s favorites to this email as well.


For pictures, you can see:

(Note: neither require having a facebook account; you can just click the links to view)

Those initial 3 pictures from the email can also be seen here:

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    […] (January 25th), we held the brit milah at our home in order to rejoice in Asher, formally name him as Asher Jeremiah in English, and Asher Yirmeyahu in Hebrew, and welcome him into the Jewish community (as well as to introduce him to close friends and family […]

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