Aviva eats Indian, Take 1

We’ve been trying to get Aviva to have a variety of spices and ethnicities in her diet, as she continues to explore the world of solid foods. Last week, we took her for Ethiopian (Queen Sheba), which she really enjoyed – especially eating the spongy injera bread, but also the veggies – they are pureed similar to baby food after all, so it works well.

Looking for another good food for “eat with hands” and pureed consistency, we ventured over to Cedar’s on Brooklyn today for some Indian food. She loved this one – sharing our full meal, she went to town on the Naan, Channa Massala with Paneer (chickpea simmered in spices with paneer), and Dal Maharani (lentil in spices). Pictures, as always, tell the full story – including watching Aviva get messier and messier as she eats; not an uncommon occurrence, of course.

BTW, for a great read about feeding babys/toddlers the various culinary delights of Seattle, I highly recommend reading Hungry Monkey by Matthew Amster-Burton. Joelle and I loved this book, and it’s given me lots of great ideas.

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