There’s a Racoon on our Roof!

Ever since Joelle and I moved into our new neighborhood, we’ve seen quite a few racoons running around the streets. We haven’t thought twice about them, other than to avoid swerving into them on the road.

Saturday night, between Hannukah parties (Happy Hannukah to all by the way!) we stopped home for a bite to eat. As we walked up the front steps, we saw a racoon run around our deck. A second one soon followed, but this one decided to climb up our tree and hang out on our roof. Of course, not knowing what else to do, I immediately ran and grabbed the camera. It was a little dark out, so apologize for the contrast on the pictures below….



I still haven’t been able to find where the deck-bound critter ran to. Hopefully far away!

One Response to “There’s a Racoon on our Roof!”

  1. steven Says:

    Aaron, make sure your chimney\’s are covered (wiring fence like).  That way racoons can\’get into house and if they do that is bad.  We had to do it at our house in Southfield.

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