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Birthday Present(s)

December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!The comparison between birthday presents is quite striking this year. One present, which a friend of mine graciously got for me, was to have the Seahawks wish me happy birthday on the big screen during the Seahawks-Jets game on December 21st, which unfortunately, as it turns out, we were not able to attend (then again, neither was he, so I don’t feel as bad!) – as with much of the city, we were snowed in, and going to see a 3-10 team (at the time) did not seem quite worth the schlep across town. If we would have known this surprise was happening, we definitely would have done everything we could to have made it.







ShovelAmazonOne present I wish I had received was a shovel; having one would have made our snow easier to deal with, especially, as I pointed out in previous blog posts, the city did nothing to deal with it. Friday of last week, I drove around to quite a few stores, looking for a snow shovel, so that I would have one for the future, if not this storm. Being unsuccessful (everyone was out, at least for a week), I decided to place an order on Amazon, especially since I have free 2-night shipping due to Amazon Prime. This way, we will have one for the next storm (3-4 more years?), and I won’t be caught shovel-less again. I figured if I waited for the stores to get stock back, I would forget about it, so ordering online it was. The box finally came today – and the FedEx guy said to me: “Wow, that’s a weird sized box – and strangely light – what is it?” Informing him that it was a shovel, he just laughed – and mentioned it was a great idea – he’s going to order one now too! He’s right – the box is strange – and very, very tall – look at how much it dwarfs Molly. At least I am prepared now for the next snowstorm!

Family Picture, Circa December 2008

December 29, 2008

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

(From Family Sticker Maker)

Worst Year in History of Sports? Seattle

December 24, 2008

Seattle SportsESPN’s current homepage says it all (Sporting News also recently had a front page article on this topic as well).

Let’s count the ways:

  • Football – Seahawks (4-11, after being favored to win the division, and of course, us having season tickets), Huskies Football (0-12 – first BCS team to lose all of its games), Cougars Football (2-11)
  • Basketball – Sonics are now in Oklahama City, so no NBA team left – and even they are 2-24
  • Baseball – Mariners were a woeful 61-101, firing their general manager and coach
  • Hockey – No NHL team here, unfortunately
  • The senseless loss of Ed, the Tuba Man :(

Not a good one – on the upside, there’s a new soccer team coming to town – Sounders FC!

To add on to the pain for us, I am primarily a Detroit Lions fan, and they’ve hit 0-15, the worst record in NFL history… not a lot of good times watching football this year.

Quoting the article:

“Has any city ever endured a year in sports like the one the Emerald City is just completing? A 101-loss, last-place baseball season, despite a payroll of $117 million; a 62-loss, last-place NBA season; a 12-loss, last-place college football season (the first 0-12 season in the history of the Pac-10); an 11-loss (and counting) NFL season; four coaching/managerial changes; one general manager dismissal; and, of course, the hijacking of its basketball team to Oklahoma @$&%ing City. Sure, other cities have lost their teams or endured epic losing seasons, but for it all to happen in one calendar year? To end December without a single head coach or manager who was employed in January returning for the next year?”

Civilization – We Ain’t

December 24, 2008

The snow continues in Seattle (another 1-5 inches expected from last night through today, with more to come), and the city’s troubles in coping aren’t getting any better.

A run down of how it’s impacting us:

  • Mail, which usually falls under the motto of “Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet“, has come to a halt by us – we’ve received mail once in the past 5 days, and we’re not expecting it to really resume soon. Turns out, we’re not the only ones having problems here – according to the Seattle Times, about a tenth of the city didn’t get mail on Monday (225,000 delivery points out of 2.5 million), and UPS and FedEx aren’t faring much better.
  • The city and county are asking people to stay off of the roads, and use mass transit – but then again, the bus system is not really working. They claim half service, but if you look at the cancellation list, many, many routes are canceled – including all of the routes that go up to the top of Queen Anne (the 2,3,4, and 13). The last few days, we’ve had to hike down to the bottom of the extremely steep and icy hill (on a good day, this take 10-15 minutes – it took us 45), and wait for a different route.
    • In fact, on the way down last evening to meet Joelle, so we could walk up again, I had to stop and call 911 to help a gentleman who had fallen and could no longer get up (it was a hip/leg problem). The fire department responded immediately (see dispatch number F080118221 at the Real-Time 911), but there was at least a half-hour wait for an ambulance at the point I left the man in the capable hands of the medics. The fact that all of the roads around us were closed due to the ice likely didn’t help.
  • Road Closures are still all around, including Queen Anne Ave (the Counterbalance), as I’ve mentioned, but also quite a few of the streets through downtown. Partially, this is due to Seattle’s environmental policy – no salting, and rubber plows only – which is now starting to cause quite a debate. The official city policy is to “pack the snow down, and wait for it to melt” – usually, this works, but then again, usually there’s not a week-plus of snowfall.
  • Garbage, Recycling and Food/Yard Waste is on hold indefinitely, until the roads become clear. Thankfully, we don’t have too much of any of these, so it’s not a huge deal – though our yard waste bin is now full after I learned to use a saw in breaking apart the branch that fell off our tree the other night. As one of the local newsman said this morning, “thankfully, it’s cold out there – so the garbage is being refrigerated, and won’t smell so bad”
    • The neighborhood kids have been sledding non-stop, which is cool to watch, but one of them took our garbage can’s lid to use as a sled (we leave our garbage/etc… in the alley year-round). Hopefully, the city has replacements when it does pick up again.

On the positive side, working from home has been really easy, and the dogs sure love the snow :)

Facebook Quotes on the Snow

December 22, 2008
Counterbalance Ski Slope (i.e. Queen Anne Ave)

Some of the facebook comments on the snow have made me laugh; some of my favorites (just from the last day) from my friends are: (Names withheld to protect the innocent)

  • …has decided, as a Michigander, this snow is serious. The snowboarders have now constructed a jump!
  • …All Queen Anne busses canceled yet again; shock! – Not so easy to follow the advice of “please use mass transit and stay off of the roads.”
  • …is amazed at the way Seattle is resembling Schweitzer, except without ski lifts.
  • …is wishing she had a snowmobile to drive through the streets of Seattle, no really, they were just outside our building!
  • …will be hiking in to work tomorrow.
  • …uploaded some photos of Snowpocalypse. Now it’s bed time.
  • …says Holy Snow Batman!
  • …is really happy he had an emergency Channukah party and thanks everyone who trekked out and brought latkes and applesauce. Happy Channukah! and happy snow day!
  • …is …more snow? Are you kidding???
  • …is going to scream…they are now saying 6 more inches of snow in Seattle this pm, not sure we can take much more, Seattle just isn’t equipped for this.
  • …is cross country skiing around Green Lake!!! So much snow!!
  • …just got in from watching people sledding, skiing, and snowboarding down the Ave.
  • …is not interested in fighting the bus system for chanukah parties. Got something on cap hill?
  • …is dreaming of a white hanukah.
  • …is going to snowshoe to find a sports bar.

(If any of these are yours, and you’d like me to delete it from my post, just say the word, by the way)

Dreaming of a White (Lead-up to) Hannukah!

December 21, 2008

Seattle, on average, gets 3 inches of a snow a year. So far, this week, we’ve received quite a bit more than that – by some accounts, we’ll have a foot by the time it’s all said and done. While this is nothing by Michigan standards, Seattle is a different beast; not only is the city not really prepared for it (snowplows, etc…), and not only is it much more hilly (especially our neighborhood and the main street up to it – not my video by the way), but the city just isn’t used to it – so everyone goes out to play, and the city pretty much shuts down. In fact, on Wednesday, Seattle schools shut down just because of the threat of snow; it never actually did. But ever since then, boy has it been snowing (and snowing, and snowing) – and it’s been fun to take advantage of, and thus, take pictures of!

Dogs love the snow – so of course, they were out to play a lot. Videos were taken. (If you are in a RSS reader, you might need to visit the page to see these).

Today is actually my birthday, but we had to cancel my birthday party due to theĀ  treacherous conditions; we didn’t want anybody to have to drive. Instead, my sister brought over a cake to the house, and we celebrated with me and the girls (Joelle, Elana, Little Hobey (to-be), Molly and Shay); I actually rather enjoyed it!

FInally, to cap a great weekend, Hannukah started tonight, so we took a walk over to Kavana’s Hannukah Party, which met just down the street.

Happy Hannukah!

December 21, 2008

From all of us here in snowy Seattle, Happy Hannukah!

Growing, Week by Week

December 14, 2008

Little Hobey continues to keep growing every week, and this causes Joelle to keep looking more and more pregnant every day – her “pregnancy bump” is quite cute these days! Our parents have been begging us to post more pictures, so here’s a running timeline of her recent growth – all weeks rounded down:

Week 19 (November 18th):

thanksgiving2008 009 thanksgiving2008 010

Week 20 (November 27th – Thanksgiving weekend):

thanksgiving2008 063 thanksgiving2008 118

Week 22 (December 12th):

thanksgiving2008 122 thanksgiving2008 123

Snow == Play, For Dogs as Well

December 14, 2008

As all of you in Seattle know, today was our first (only?) snow day of the winter – which meant it was time to go outside and play! All of the neighborhood dogs congregated at the park, and who were we to deprive Molly of having her fun too? My sister came over as well, and thankfully, remembered to bring her camera.

Pictures tell the story:

MollySnowDec20008 (2) MollySnowDec20008 (3) MollySnowDec20008 (4) MollySnowDec20008 (5) MollySnowDec20008 (6) MollySnowDec20008 (7) MollySnowDec20008MollySnowDec20008 (1)


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