Friendly Updates

A couple of updates from the real world, many through the blogosphere.

  • We spent time this weekend hanging out with our friends Mike and Elisabeth (and their son, Rudy). It actually was really great seeing them, and it was great to get a chance to have Molly hang out with Rudy; as any amount of training and getting her comfortable around babys will make our lives easier once Hobey is born. (and for the record, Molly’s not ferocious!)
  • Congratulations to Carrie and Josh on the birth of their beautiful daughter – Ayelet Nomi Hearshen. The baby naming ceremony on Sunday was wonderful, and a great testament to the love you have for your new baby girl.
  • A few weeks late, but congratulations to Aaron and Julie on the birth of Eytan Henry – we can’t wait to meet him when we are next in DC (or overlap in Detroit).
  • Stephanie started blogging on the FidLorb life up in Lynnwood – welcome to the crowd! Abe has also been blogging, on a great foodie idea – there’s a tremendous amount of restaurants up on Hwy 99 (also known as Aurora) by them, some sketchy, but theoretically, some good – so their goal is to eat at all of them, and write up the experience. (in fact, we joined them for one: Spartas Pizza)
  • On a completely unrelated note: Seahawks and Lions and Michigan and U-W – wow, the football teams I like are awful. Combined record: 5-30. Not a fun year on the football side.

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